Company History
  • AirLive attended 2014 Intersec Dubai
  • Grupo Meyah showed AirLive solutions at Anadic México
  • AirLive attended 2014 Distriwave at FIDAE
  • AirLive attended 2014 Securex Poland
  • AirLive attended 2014 Computex Taipei
  • AirLive targets the Colombian market
  • AirLive: Pushing the video surveillance business
  • AirLive’s Training Tour at Air Computers
  • AirLive partner of 100MEGA Punk Festival on Sept. 10th in Prague
  • AirLive attended 2014 IPAS
  • Incom SA new distributor of networking solutions and IP brand AirLive
  • AirLive extends distribution contract with largest distributors and importers of security systems in Poland.
  • E-SYSTEM Marcin Ficek begins a new distribution alliance with Airlive in Poland
  • Air-Computers is the new AirLive´s distributor in Argentina.
  • Distriwave and Airlive begin a new distribution alliance in Chile
  • AirLive attended Secutech Thailand 2013
  • AirLive successful attended Computex Taipei 2013
  • AirLive - Egypt Trip for best Sellers of Ipcam in Polish Distributor
  • AirLive IPCam Solutions Training for Poland Customers
  • AirLive attended EMEA 2013
  • AirLive sucessful attended Intersec Dubai 2013
  • AirLive authorized Megaways as Distributor partner in Brunei Market
  • AirLive presents at Segur Show 2012
  • AirLive successful attended Security Essen 2012
  • AirLive presents at Gitex Dubai 2012
  • AirLive supported its parterner to host the Philippines Hotel Solution Seminar
  • AirLive attended Secutech Thailand 2012
  • AirLive attended Expo TIC 2012 Peru
  • AirLive attended MIPS Russia 2012
  • AirLive attended Securex Poland 2012
  • AirLIve attended Secutech Taipei 2012
  • AirLive new Co-brand partner announcement in Malaysia
  • AirLive new Solution partner announcement in India
  • AirLive new solution partner in Nepal announcement
  • AirLive awards Comguard the Distribution in Middle East
  • AirLive authorized Xitrix Computer Corporation as Distributor partner in the Philippines
  • AirLive authorized Maxtec Solutions as Distributor partner in the Philippines
  • Training Day with Polytech on Oct. & Nov. 2011 in Argentina
  • AirLive successful attended Gitex Dubai 2011
  • Latin America AirLive Road Show Sept 1, 2011
  • AirLive Croatia Technical training
  • AirLive at DISTREE Latin America 2011 at  São Paulo, Brazil 
  • AirLive successful presented at EMMA Expo India 2011
  • 2011 Seguriexpo Visitors showed great interest in AirLive's IP Surveillance Solutions
  • AirLive showcase in Netcom 2011 Brazil
  • AirLive successful attended Computex Taipei 2011
  • AirLive attended Reseller Forum in Praque, Czech Republic
  • AirLive attended AT Computers roadshow during May and June 2011 
  • AirLive strategies for growth in the regional market
  • AirLive attended SWS event in Cejkovice as DELL partner
  • AirLive successful attended ISC Brazil 2011 & AirLive conference
  • Airlive participated on AT Computers Comfor and Triline days in hotel Jezerka
  • AirLive joins Grupo Núcleo as its new wholesaler in Argentina
  • AirLive successfully attended IFSEC India 2010 in Nov. 2010
  • AirLive join Telefornica O2 Mobile Bundle Partnership
  • AirLive product Technical Training in Pune
  • New Partnership with Grupo Núcleo
  • AirLive attended COMFOR in Czech Republic
  • AirLive Roadshow held in Czech Republic
  • AirLIve successfully attended Gitex Dubai in Oct. 2010
  • AirLive Roadshow held in Poland in Sept. 2010
  • AirLive successfully attended Computex Taipei in June2010
  • AirLive joined Regatta 2010 in Croatia in May 2010
  • AirLive IP Camera training in Czech Republic
  • AirLive New products introduced during exhibition Inter Office 2010 in Egypt
  • AirLive Seminar held in Mendoza city Argentina in April 2010
  • AirLive IP Camera training in Brno
  • AirLive new products presented on partners event in Czech
  • AirLive attended Convergence India 2010
  • AirLive New IP Camera training in Krakow
  • AirLive helds a seminar in Mendoza City (Sep. 2009)
  • AirLive joins Taitronics India 2009 (Sep. 2009)
  • A new force in networking will be unveiled at Taitronics India 2009 (Sep. 2009)
  • AirLive joins Commart Exhibition in Thailand (Jul. 2009)
  • Computex Taipei 2009 Summary Review (Jun. 2009)
  • AirLive holds IP Cam Training Seminar in Ceske Budejovice! (Jun. 2009)
  • AirLive joins Festival Komputer Indonesia 2009! (Jun. 2009)
  • AirLive Summer Training 2009 (Jun. 2009)
  • Commercial and Technical Training In Argentina! (May. 2009)
  • AirLive Wireless Technology Seminar in Mar de Plata, Argentina! (May. 2009)
  • AirLive holds Security Training in April introducing New products and Services (Apr. 2009)
  • AirLive Commerical Training in Chile! (Apr. 2009)
  • 4th AirLive Distributor’s Certification Meeting Successfully Accomplished! (Apr. 2009)
  • AirLive IP Cam Training (Mar. 2009)
  • AirLive joins Commart Exhibition in Thailand (Mar. 2009)
  • AirLive WISP Day in Ostrava, March 2009! (Mar. 2009)
  • AirLive Wei-YA 2009 (Feb. 2009)
  • AirLive Training Seminar in Mar de Plata (Feb. 2009)
  • AirLive joins InfoConnect09 in Kuwait (Feb. 2009)
  • AirLive Solution Training 2009 (Jan. 2009)
  • AirLive established technical hotline and training center in Czech Republic
  • AirLive establishes Sales Center in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • AirLive establishes Sales Center in Hungary
  • AirLive achieved certificate ISO-9001-2000 certified by TUV Nord
  • AirLive present at Expocomm Argentina 2008
  • AirLive sucessfully attended Computex 2008
  • AirLIve celebrated 15 years Anniversary with customers in Taiwan
  • AirLive successful roadshow in Europe
  • AirLive exhibited new products at Cebit 2008
  • Computex Taipei show, new Security Gateways introduced including
  • Internet Activity Recorder
  • AirLive accomplished successful European Roadshow in Europe
  • Roadshow in Brazil held in several different cities
  • Cebit 2007 introduced several new multimedia products
  • AirLive introduced new Partner Program SkyClub
  • AirLive Distributor’s Relaxation and Certification meeting in Hungary
  • Road show in Latin America (Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia)
  • Computex Taipei show, seminar and relaxation weekend
  • Networking professional seminar held in Czech
  • AirLive networking seminar held in Poland
  • AirLive networking seminar held in Brazil
  • Cebit Hanover show and launch of new products
  • Distree Monaco introduction of AirLive brand and new products
  • OvisLink Corp. entry to the Bluetooth Stereo market
  • AirLive trademark launched on all product lines
  • Establishment of website
  • Computex Taipei show and launch of new products
  • Networking professional seminar held in Czech
  • Cebit Hanover show and launch of new products
  • OvisLink Corp. won the Best of Computex 2004 award
  • Cebit Hanover show and launch of new products
  • OvisLink Corp. entered Multimedia broadband market
  • Ovislink Corp. entered Outdoor wireless market
  • Computex Taipei show and introduction of new products
  • Cebit Hanover attendance and launch of new products
  • Introduction of KVM switch
  • Introduction of VOIP devices
  • Introduction of the WL-1120AP, the very first Wireless-G Multi-Mode Access Point that is designed for WISP applications.
  • Computex Taipei show and launch of new products
  • Launch of broadband devices
  • Introduction of Modular media converter devices
  • Cebit Hanover attendance and launch of new products
  • Introduction of one of the first multi-function Acess Point in the world.
  • Computex Taipei show and launch of new products
  • Establishment of OvisLink Corp. Certified Network Engineer Program
  • Establishment of AirLive series
  • Cebit Hanover show and launch of AirLive series
  • OvisLink Corp. introduced Gigabit switches at Comdex Fall
  • Computex Taipei show and launch of new products
  • Cebit Hanover introduced on show new Live family
  • Introduction of Gigabit switches
  • Computex Taipei show and new products introduction
  • Cebit Hanover attendance and launch of new products
  • Introduction of first Fast Ethernet LAN product in Taiwan
  • Cebit Hanover first attendance
  • Establishment of OvisLink Corporation Headquarters in Taiwan